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dive into the age of simplified and accelerated innovation 


Our Services : "We define the best technological options for your project, set a realistic roadmap, optimize the cost and fully manage your team, its delivery, just in time and at the best price." 


Architecture and Platform modelization

There's no innovation without ambition and there can't be ambition without a strong and assumed technological ambition. Building your project is just like building a house, its reliability, its scalability and your capability to raise funds will always rely on the quality and technical level you built it with.


Budget and Roadmap definition / optimization

All in life is about anticipation and control, it's absolutely the same thing in business. As soon as our teams and you have determine your "dream solution", we define a roadmap, based on your emergencies, financial agenda and targets. We optimize it and have it respected for you.


Taylor made team and resources allocation 

Start-up founders used to think they had to focus on everything at the same time and hire an engineer that would be able to act as a Swiss knife, being responsible for all the elements and issues of your project, mastering different and ever changing technologies. This is an absolute non sense... Start-ups have to be built by teams of experts, efficient, dedicated, scheduled, this necessary approach will de-risk the development, increase the reliability and protect your capability to remain "the boss".


Follow up flexibility : After the tech acceleration step we'll help you set your personal team, on site or in remote mode

Technological needs are made of curves, you first need to model your solution, write specifications, accelerate to have your Alpha or 1 Version, then improve it and finally manage it before you start working on the ,necessary next version... Talance provides you with flexible expertises and teams, just to make your technological resources fit perfectly with every step of your project. Flexibility / Reliability / Optimization