You're an engineer or talented geek ?


- You can work in remote mode, in one of our labs​ or in site with our customers

- You enjoy traveling ?

       You'll be able to switch from one office to the other

- You'd miss your colleagues ?

       Bring your friends we're interested in hiring existing crews

- You need change and challenges

       You'll have to work on different kind of  projects in fin tech, health tech, mobility,

       data, crypto...

- You like earning money but not only ?

       You will get fiat money, crypto, tokens, respect, fun...

- You'd like to engage in projects that make sens ?

       You mostly work on United Nations SDG17 subjects

- You don't take planes ?

       We're so sorry, we'll miss you at our team building conventions in Dubaï, Moscow, NYC,

       Paris, Monaco...   :)

Your Mission : Optimizing YOUR technical skills, life, earnings, mobility and IMPACT on earth

You're a full stack developper, a data scientist, mobile app creator, you've been working on blockchain or DEFI projects, you love Data or AI, you're free and consider this is one of your most valuable characteristics. Welcome onboard !